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Holly Ingraham wins MLK Award

05 Oct 2017

Congratulations to Holly Ingraham, PhD. for receiving the UCSF Chancellor Award for MLK Jr. Leadership

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Keith Yamamoto Honored for Precision Medicine Work

24 May 2017

Congratulations to Keith Yamamoto, PhD, who received a PMWC Luminary Award

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Ron Vale Receives 2017 Shaw Prize

23 May 2017

Congratulations to CMP Faculty Member Ron Vale, PhD, professor and vice chair, for receiving the Shaw Prize

photo of Ron

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Kevan Shokat Receives Kraft Prize

03 May 2017

Congratulations to CMP Faculty Member Kevan Shokat, PhD, who received the 2017 Jonathan Kraft Prize for Excellence in Cancer Research

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Danica Fujimori Delivers 2017 Byers Award Lecture

08 Feb 2017

Congratulations to CMP Faculty Member Danica Fujimori, PhD, For Delivering the 2017 Byers Award Lecture on Tackling Antibiotic Resistance.

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Shawn Douglas, PhD, Receives Presidential Early Career Award

17 Jan 2017

Congratulations to CMP Faculty Member Shawn Douglas, PhD, For Receiving Presidential Early Career Award.

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NSF Funds ‘Blue Sky’ Bioengineering Center To Be Based at UCSF

26 Sep 2016

Center Aims to Unite Bay Area Synthetic Biologists, Engineer Biological Machines

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UCSF Establishes Quantitative Biosciences Institute

16 Mar 2016

UCSF Establishes Quantitative Biosciences Institute

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Keith Yamamoto Named UCSF’s First Vice Chancellor of Science Policy and Strategy

24 Nov 2015

Congratulations to our own Keith Yamamoto for being Named UCSF’s First Vice Chancellor of Science Policy and Strategy.

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Two students win Weintraub Awards

22 Feb 2015

Two PhD students win Weintraub Award

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Wendell Lim Appointed Department Chair

20 Oct 2014

Wendell Lim, PhD, Appointed as New Chair of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology.

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Jonathan Weissman wins NAS Award

20 Oct 2014

Weissman Wins inaugural “NAS Award for Scientific Discovery”

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Three UCSF leaders elected to Institute of Medicine

20 Oct 2014

Congratulations to Ron Vale newly elected member of the The Institute of Medicine.

The Institute of Medicine announced its newly elected members at their annual meeting today, and I am happy to inform you that the list includes three of our leading faculty. Together, they highlight our broad contribution to global research in the basic, translational and population sciences.

The newly elected IOM members are:

Eric Goosby, MD, professor of medicine, and director, Institute of Global Health Delivery and Diplomacy, UCSF Global Health Sciences

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Roger Nicoll awarded 2014 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize

20 Aug 2014

Congratulations to Roger Nicoll for being awarded the 2014 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize.

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Shawn Douglas selected as Pew-Stewart Scholar

01 Jul 2014

Congratulations to Shawn Douglas for being selected a Pew-Stewart Scholar for Cancer Research.

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Shokat lab: Targeting Cancer's Holy Grail

20 Jun 2014

Our Chair Kevan Shokat is Profiled on for his work with the Ras Protein.

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Jonathan Weissman wins Academic Senate Award

09 May 2014

Congratulations to Jonathan Weissman for winning UCSF Academic Senate Award!

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CMP Personnel make Forbes Magazine 30 under 30

06 Jan 2014

Congratulations David Weinberg and Jonathan Ostrem for getting listed in Forbes Magazine

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Shawn Douglas Wins NSF Award

17 Sep 2013

Congratulations to Shawn Douglas for winning NSF Award for Molecular Programming Project!

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Dyche Mullins joins HHMI

09 May 2013

Congratulations to Dyche Mullins for being selected as a new Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator!

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Ron Vale wins 2012 Lasker Award

27 Dec 2012

Congratulations to our own Ron Vale for winning the 2012 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award!

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