CMP Staff

Name Position E-mail Phone
Dora Scott Dyche Mullins Dora.Scott / ucsf, edu 415 514-1744
Ariana Vergonio Department Assistant Ariana.Vergonio / ucsf, edu 415 514-9746
Rebecca Wheeler Assistant to Shawn Douglas Rebecca.Wheeler / ucsf, edu (415) 502-2889
Rebecca Quimby HR Liaison | Assistant to Allison Williams and Faranak Fattah Rebecca.Quimby / ucsf, edu
Lidiana Sanvar Assistant to Holly Ingraham and Roger Nicoll Lidiana.Sanvar / ucsf, edu 415-476-0431
Peggy Ackerberg Executive Assistant to Nevan Krogan Peggy.Ackerberg / ucsf, edu 415-476-6019
Angela Barcus Post Award Analyst Angela.barcus / ucsf, edu 415-502-0435
Yvonne Munchua Assistant to Danica Fujimori Yvonne.Munchua / ucsf, edu 415-514-4261
Anne Sufka UCSF IRACDA Scholars Program Manager anne.sufka / ucsf, edu
Angela Gross Assistant to Keith Yamamoto angela.gross / ucsf, edu 415-476-8445
Mom Keo Post Award Analyst Mom.Keo / ucsf, edu 415 502-0435
Delaney Lynch HHMI Assistant to Kevan Shokat and Jack Taunton delaney.lynch / ucsf, edu 415 502-1475
Peter Werba Systems Administrator Peter.Werba / ucsf, edu 415 476-1954
Noleine Blizzard Assistant to Wendell Lim noleine.blizzard / ucsf, edu 415–514-4137
Mia Morgan Chief Administrative Officer mia.morgan / ucsf, edu 415-476-8159
Ana Alvarado-Lopez Glasswash Analyst ana.alvarado-lopez / ucsf, edu 415-476-3210