UCSF Security Software

UCSF Provide a suite of security software for your desktop they are custom tailored for your work here at UCSF. This does include

  1. Anti Virus
  2. Endpoint protection (host based firewall)
  3. VPN software for workng remotely

All UCSF security software can be downloaded at

Microsoft Software

Thru a UC wide agreement with Microsoft we get programs like Office at a discount, Please check out the SHI punchout in “Bear Buy” then login and choose “Bear Buy” then select SHI

Adobe Software

Adobe Creative Suite apps are now only avaliable via Adobe “creative cloud” so applications like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign ect. are only avaliable via subscription for more information on this please see

Adobe Alternatives

With Adobe switching its model to subscription only here are some alternatives to Photoshop and Illustrator that may be useful.

Affinity Serif have 2 products (Affinity PHOTO and DESIGNER) both with Educational pricing that open and save both .pst and .ai Volume Licensing is avaliable base cost is $49.00 each

Pixelmator is a excellent Photoshop alternitave

Open Source Adobe Alternatives

Both GIMP (Image Manipulation Program) and Inkscape are avaliable for Mac, Windows and Linux and are well documented and supported.

ITFS Customers

If you are a ITFS customer you are entitled to Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat these are avalible via BigFix (windows) or “Self Service” Casper (mac) If you are paying for ITFS service and do not have Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Please contact the UCSF help desk at 415-514-4100

Research Software

UCSF does not have very many site licenses with vendors like Matlab it is always worth contacting the vendor and asking for Higher Educational Sales.

Endnote by Thomson Reuters Currently the best option is to buy via Bear Buy > CDWG “puchout store”